06 Oct 2015

Webinar Series - Getting It Right with Precision Agriculture

October 14, 2015. Dr. Phillips will explain how the principle of precision agriculture is intrinsically linked with 4R Nutrient Stewardship.

28 Sep 2015


Silicon (Si) is generally not considered an essential element for plant growth. However, due to its important role in plant nutrition, particularly under stressful conditions, it is now recognized as a “beneficial substance” or “quasi-essential.”

28 Sep 2015

The Nutrients Solution

A scalable pilot project, initiated by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network and based on the 4R Nutrient Stewardship framework.

18 Sep 2015

From Science to Farming and to Food Security

“A person may need a doctor, lawyer, architect, and so many other professionals a few times in one’s life, but everyone needs a farmer at least three times a day.”

14 Sep 2015

Effectiveness of Phosphorus Fertilization

New booklets on Effectiveness of P fertilization in Russian and English.

24 Aug 2015

Better Crops With Plant Food - 2015 #3

Features the NWatch on-farm research program, coffee-forage intercropping, switchgrass nutrient demands, Nutrient Expert delivery ...and much more

21 Aug 2015


Cobalt (Co) fertilization is occasionally reported to benefit crop growth, but the need for supplemental Co is rather rare. Cobalt has only recently been recognized as a potentially essential nutrient for plants. Cobalt is necessary for nitrogen (N) fixation occurring within the nodules of legume plants.

24 Jul 2015

VIDEO: Nitrogen Fertilizer: Its Importance and Responsible Use

Let's meet nitrogen, one of our essential building blocks of life and a vital part of every cell, plant, insect and animal. This video describes how and why modern nitrogen fertilizer was developed, as well as the strategies farmers use to grow healthier and higher yielding crops with nitrogen fertilizer.

24 Jul 2015

Nutri-Facts - Nickel

Nickel (Ni) is the most recent element to be added to the list of essential plant nutrients.

15 May 2015

The Importance of Lios

IPNI partnered with students from the University of Georgia Dramatic Media Department to develop a short stop-motion, animated educational video to promote the International Year of Soil. This eight-minute video, called ‘The Importance of Lios’ demonstrates the importance of earthworms in healthy soil and subtly promotes the vital role of plant nutrients and balanced soil fertility.